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Ayman Lahmoni’s clientele has grew significantly over the span of his 20 year career in fashion, to include superstars, celebrities, public figures & influencers.

His work was well demonstrated in lots of renowned festivals & red carpet events, each lady taking pride in what she’s wearing and the designer behind her matchless look.

Ayman Lahmouni Fashion Designer
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From the bustling streets of Syria to the vibrant fashion scene in Lebanon and now anchored in the heart of Egypt, Ayman Lahmouni has carved a niche for himself, delivering exquisite designs that speak a universal language of beauty and sophistication. His creations not only adorn runways but also find their way into the closets of discerning individuals across the globe.

With a storied career that began in Syria and flourished across Lebanon, Ayman now calls Egypt home, where his atelier stands as a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and sensational haute couture designs that captivate the world.

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