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    Welcome to Ayman Lahmouni’s Atelier

    About The Designer

    He started visiting local fashion houses in Syria. He later travelled to Beirut to study fashion design and launched his first fashion house there.

    In 2000, after establishing a renowned fashion brand in Lebanon, Lahmouni had his first breakthrough and quickly became a famous fashion designer in the whole Arab world. The brand continued to expand with a high profile client list from all over the region and showrooms in Europe, UAE, Lebanon and Syria. In 2012 and after the Syrian war, Lahmouni moved to Egypt to start over with the launch of A&L designs later in 2014.

    About A&L Atelier

    A&L was founded in Cairo, Egypt in 2014. A&L had its first breakthrough in Egypt with the debut of its first fashion show in Cairo, Egypt in 2015. The brand quickly received regional acclaim. Currently, A&L have four main stores: three in Egypt and one in Abu Dhabi. A&L dresses are about complimenting women rather than outshining them.
    The brand aims to make every woman feel special and unique with a one-of-a-kind design that can only be found in A&L. The brand is inclusive for all women to look and feel good. With a high profile client list and dazzling designs, A&L is a renowned brand in the Arab region with expansion plans of soon becoming a global brand.

    A&L Downtown Branch
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